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What to expect

Have some questions? Our most frequently asked questions are answered here.

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Why should I consider seeking supervision from a perinatal psychologist or mental health professional?

Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet summarise nicely in their book Supervision in the Helping Profession:

“There are many reasons to be proactive in getting supervision for ourselves. First, supervision is a central form of support, where we can focus on our own difficulties as a worker as well as have our supervisor share some of the responsibility for our work with the clients. Second, supervision forms part of our continual learning and development as workers, including eventually helping us to learn how to be supervisors.

A good supervisor can also help us to use our own resources better, manage our work load and challenge our inappropriately patterned ways of coping. We think that, if we are helping clients take more change of their own lives, it is essential that we are doing the same. Finally, there is research to show that good supervision correlates with job satisfaction”. (Hawkins, & Shohet, 2000, p.23).

For more information about our team of perinatal trained psychologists and mental health professionals and the specific benefits they can provide, please see our Team page.
Where do you provide supervision sessions?
All individual and group supervision sessions are held via video conference (Google Meet).
How long are supervision sessions?

Individual supervision sessions are scheduled for 50-60 minutes. Group supervision sessions are typically 90 minutes.

How often would I come to supervision?

Each person attending supervision will have different needs. You can agree the frequency of your sessions with your supervisor and adjust this as necessary as you go along. You may like to have one-off adhoc sessions, or planned regular ongoing sessions.

What would a typical session look like?

Each supervisor has their own way of working in supervision. Please see our Team page to read more about each supervisor, their therapeutic modalities and specific approaches to supervision.

Can I bring my baby or children?

You are welcome to bring your baby or children with you to your session if required. However, please be aware of the need to attend to your child's needs which may impact your ability to focus in supervision.

Other information

You are able to read through our supervision agreement prior to your session which outlines other important factors like confidentiality, the mutual understandings and responsibilities. Click here to read the form in advance of your session. 

Our full Privacy Policy can be read here.

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