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Supervision Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to clarify the mutual understandings and responsibilities of the named parties during the period of the supervision contract.

Supervisor’s understandings and responsibilities:

  • Supervision will take place online

  • The above arrangements can be changed as mutually agreed

  • Mums Matter Psychology will invoice the supervisee after each session

  • The charge for the supervision will be $ per individual session, inclusive of GST.

  • The charge for the supervision will be $ per group session, inclusive of GST.

The supervisor will:

  • Provide clinical understanding of client cases as presented so that appropriate intervention options can be reviewed and explored. Supervision will include components of reflective practice, professional development, clinical support and discussion of relevant workplace issues.

  • Ensure requirements are met regarding formal supervision of AHPRA related programs if relevant

  • Respect the confidentiality of client cases and workplace matters.

  • Raise clinical or other concerns in the first instance with the supervisee. Further concern (ie. concern for client or staff member safety or wellbeing, breach of duty of care/ethical considerations, illegal behaviour) will be escalated to the appropriate body.

Supervisee’s understanding and responsibilities:

  • Supervisee holds legal responsibility for client cases.

  • Supervisee will be responsible to their workplace line manager regarding case formulation, interventions and responses to at risk clients according to the policies of the organization.

  • Supervisees are responsible for maintaining confidentiality as required.

  • Supervisees are responsible to present cases (client or workplace supervision related matters) for supervision.

  • Any concerns about the supervision process will first be raised with the supervisor. Concerns might include supervision process, supervision facilitation and content of supervision or any other relevant issues.

Supervisee has signed this agreement, which will be discussed with the supervisor at their first meeting.

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