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What Supervisees and Organisations Say 
Nursery Room

Melinda Sullivan

Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Psychology Registrar Supervisee

​“I have worked for Mums Matter Psychology since 2019. I have found the work interesting, engaging and challenging. This  organization is run in an extremely professional and supportive manner and the team has been unfailingly friendly and welcoming .

I completed part of my registrar program with Mums Matter Psychology and found this experience valuable. I was provided with great supervision that was targeted  and responsive to my needs.  As a mature age graduate, Frances was easily able to  discern my needs and  encourage and challenge me in a thoughtful and encouraging manner. The group supervision sessions offered to registrars as well as the monthly general supervision sessions added to the breadth of support given. I was provided with the most relevant and current literature and ongoing professional education materials to support my growth and development as a clinician.

I would highly recommend Mums Matter Psychology as both a workplace, for  placement positions and completion of registrar requirements

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