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Taming the Rage (For Clients)




1 hour

About the Webinar

This Webinar was recorded for Perinatal Clients. However, it may be useful for you as a professional working with Perinatal Clients to view this also.


There are many new emotions that can come up when baby arrives or in general with young kids - and one that we know can come up a lot is anger and its many forms: irritation, frustration, anger and rage. These can be challenging and distressing emotions to deal with, and can be directed at ourselves, our children, our families and our partners.


Often following anger comes guilt and sadness, which can also be really tough to deal with.


This frank, open and supportive workshop will explore why we feel these feelings, and give you practical strategies to deal with it during the day-to-day of parenting.

You will receive unlimited access to this webinar to watch whenever you like as many times as you like.

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